R.C. Baker

I want to see Dooling’s shopping list: “Hardware store – threaded rods, 3 mil. plastic sheeting, steel turnbuckles, hot glue. Bodega – aluminum foil. Office Depot – pushpins. Taxidermy supply house – baboon, fox, prairie dog.” Using shredded plastic sheets and translucent creatures suspended from a grid of heavy-gauge wire, the artist has created a menagerie in what looks like an illegal asbestos-removal site. Her animals are fabricated from aluminum foil layered over taxidermy forms, which are then coated with hot glue; pierced by swathes of clear pushpins, this mutant flesh seems to have developed plastic mange…(more) In a separate gallery, one critter has collapsed and is surrounded by a horde of smaller beasts who nose against her – whether sucklings or scavengers is unclear. Michael Steinberg, 526 W 26th, 212-924-5770. Through February 9.

“Best in Show, Recommendations” by R.C. Baker
The Village Voice, January 22nd, 2008