The Silver Locusts

The Silver Locusts was a large achromatic installation exploring an interest in the dislocation between the known and the unknown. The silvery white animals and the synthetic lunar-like landscape they inhabited were made from mundane materials such as hot glue, aluminum foil, pushpins, construction grade plastic sheeting, and taxidermy forms. The visceral texture and the skewed, distorted orientation of each sculpture activated a kind of unearthly ambiance in a dialogical performance of both an alien beauty and the earthly shock of seeing a newborn covered with vernix or a freshly skinned animal hanging in a slaughterhouse. The extension rods and clamps that functioned as prosthetic appendages and the sparkling constellations of pushpins that pierced and decorated the surfaces of the work furthered this slippage between the unfamiliar and the familiar. In addition, a large wall installation of clear pushpins echoed these smaller constellations, creating a glittering room reminiscent of soap bubbles or lace.